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I am an Esthetician and not a Medical Practitioner. If you have any questions regarding your health or medical diagnosis about your skin, I suggest going to a Dermatologist.

Benefits of Vajacials
Vajacials can help with evening out skin tone around the bikini and get rid of bacteria and skin-brightening treatments to lessen discoloration and hyperpigmentation.  Helps with vaginal skin care, preventing irritation from waxing/shaving.


What does a Vajacial include?
1. Cleansing and steam to loosen any ingrown hairs, dirt or blockages in the skin
2. Extractions of any ingrowns/blackheads

3. Toner to restore pH balance of the skin
4. Hydrojelly Mask or Cream Mask provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydrating, smoothing, moisture retention, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning skin, toning and reducing inflammation
5. High Frequency Treatment zaps any additional bacteria that might still be in the skin
5. Ingrown Serum to treat ingrowns, bumps and break outs

How often should I get a Vajacial?
Once a month.  Just as a facial keeps the skin on your face clear and healthy, a vajacial works to care for and improve the skin on your vulva. 
Please keep in mind that I only recommend getting a vajacial if you have alot of ingrowns otherwise it's really up to you if you just want to experience this treatment.

Can you get a Vajacial after waxing?
It is certainly a possibility to get a vajacial immediately post-wax.  Vajacials that target inflammation and redness are great to get right after a wax to soothe and calm the irritated skin.

Can you get a vajacial while pregnant?
Yes, the Soothing Vajacial Treatment is the only vajacial you're allowed to get while pregnant as this does not include the High Frequency or any lightening ingredients.  The topical products used are totally safe for a pregnant woman. For those with extremely sensitive skin, or skin that is not reacting well to pregnancy, I advise you to contact your doctor. Bikini facials while pregnant is a great way to relax and feel confident in your bikini area, especially before giving birth.  Make sure you don't get a vajacial too close to your due date.  One month before should be fine.

What does a High Frequency Treatment do?

The high frequency device consists of a hand held wand with a glass electrode on the end. When in use, the electrode produces a small electrical current (Tesla Current), ozone, & argon gas. Your esthetician glides this wand over your skin or directly to a specific area, you may sense a mild warming sensation in the skin & hear a buzzing sound. High-frequency treatments kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, hence the acne-fighting benefits. Avoid high-frequency treatment if you: Have any autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, have pacemakers or any large metallic implants in your body, and are pregnant

How long should I wait after waxing to get a Vajacial?
It's okay to get the vajacial right after a wax. Keep in mind that we're treating the skin and your pores so it's better if you don't have hair.

Is it safe to get a vajacial?
Vajacials are safe in the hands of a trained esthetician who is comfortable and experienced in working in this sensitive area,  It is also important to understand that the vajacial is a cosmetic procedure, NOT a medical procedure. 


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