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I am an Esthetician and not a Medical Practitioner. If you have any questions regarding your health or medical diagnosis about your skin, I suggest going to a Dermatologist.

DISCLAIMER: Everyone's skin reacts differently after a wax.

Do you wax Men?
Yes I do, although I do not offer Brazilian services for Men.

What is the age requirement to get a Brazilian/Full Bikini wax?
You must be 18 years or older without Parental consent.
Minors starting at 16 years old must have a parental consent.

What type of wax do you use?

Hard wax. It is thicker than soft wax and works by hardening on your skin.  It attaches itself only to the hair, not the skin, reducing discomfort and minimizing the possibility of irritation.

Does it hurt to get wax?
Everyone is different.  Your skin can feel sensitive during a wax since waxing shocks the hair follicle, especially for the first timers.  If your consistent with getting waxed eventually your hair will grow softer, finer and will slow down.  I suggest taking some Tylenol or ibuprofen 30 minutes before your service.

How long does the hair have to be in order to get waxed?
Your hair has to be 1/4 inch long (length of a grain of rice) or 3-4 weeks worth of hair growth.

Keep in mind that you'll be more sensitive if you have longer hair.

What can I do to prepare myself BEFORE getting a bikini wax?
- Exfoliate the day before to minimize the amount of dead skin, oil, or clogged pores. Keep in mind that exfoliating can leave your skin sensitive so be careful not to do it too much.

- A warm bath prior can soften your hair for easier removal.
- Do not put any lotion prior to waxing.  This will create a tough barrier between the hairs and the wax itself.
- You can take a pain reliever 30 minutes before your service.
- Wear loose fitting clothes
- You can still get waxed during your period.

What can I do AFTER a Bikini wax
- Your skin takes at least 1-2 days to heal after waxing.
- You'll be more comfortable wearing loose-fitting clothes.  

- Tight clothing can cause rashes since the friction will only further irritate the aggravated skin.- Let everything breathe.  

- Lotions might seem soothing after wax but heavy lotions will only clog your pores, making them inflamed and irritated.

- Wait 24 hours before working out, having intercourse, and going to the beach.  This will increase the risk of infection.

- Use an ingrown hair serum to prevent ingrowns.

- Up your SPF levels after waxing since recently stripped skin is vulnerable to sunburns.
- Start exfoliating every other day to get rid of dead skin that traps the hair under your skin.

Do you offer aftercare products?
Yes I do! I have Ingrown Hair Serums, Exfoliators and Body Scrubs available for purchase in my suite. 

I'm on medication. Will that affect my skin somehow?
If you are acne prone, waxing may not be right for you as your skin is more sensitive and more prone to tearing during the procedure.  Let me know if you are taking any acne medications such as Accutane or any products containing Retinol, Retin-a, Tretinoin, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  If you are currently using any of the following prescription medications, you cannot receive a waxing service. Discontinue use of these medications for a minimum of three (3) months prior to waxing. The exception is Accutane: You must be off this medication for a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing.
These medications are designed to exfoliate, weakens the skin and will be prone to lifting.  Even if you're only putting your medication on certain areas of your face, the medicine travels under the skin, therefore affecting the whole face.  Accutane for example will negatively affect any part of the body you wax.  Retinoids and waxing are both forms of exfoliation so this will make the skin very fragile and waxing can strip away part of the epidermis.  Avoid retinoids until redness has subsided after waxing.

Can I shave the rest if all of it don't come off?
You are getting waxed to avoid shaving.  If you do, your waxing service next time will be more painful and your hair will still be thicker.  Shaving crops the hair at the skin's surface.  The more you waxed, the less hair grows back.

Can I get wax after getting a tan?
No. Make sure you get waxed first before getting a tan. Wait at least 24-48 hours before getting tan. Waxing after tanning will mean you will lose your tan quicker, unfortunately.

Why do I get hives whenever I get my face waxed?
A histamine reaction is easily identified by a rash that presents itself as welts or bumps. This reaction may happen immediately after your wax.  Histamine is very helpful and it works by enlarging the blood vessels and making them easier to penetrate. The body then swells and protects the affected area.

Why does my skin itch after getting a wax?
Please be advised: Reactions to waxing differ from different skin types.  Due to getting waxed, there is a possibility that you may experience itchiness.  Having a bikini wax can cause the possibility of inflammation of the hair follicles.  This may also cause microscopic injuries and wounds which are developed from the skin being opened during the wax.  Depending on your skin sensibility and hormonal balance, some women may differ from developing itchiness.  Other reasons that can cause irritation include dry skin, irritation from sweat, reaction from clothing and hair growth.

Why did I get bumps after getting waxed? 
Some bumps are a result of post wax irritation and will go away on their own within a few hours to a few days.

While alcohol before getting waxed sounds like a good idea, stimulants in the system can make the skin extra sensitive to waxing, thins your blood and tightens the pores which will make the hair more difficult to remove.  I suggest drinking a lot of water to hydrate yourself and moisturize.
Alcohol, smoking and caffeine will create a lot of acidity in your body.  I suggest take Tums 30 minutes prior to reduce acidity and skin sensitivity.

I still see stubbles after waxing, why is that?
Some of your hairs are shorter than others.  They are not easily seen since they are underneath the long hairs. Our hair grows in three different cycles.  And since your hair is at various phases in the growth cycle, your initial wax may not remove some hairs that are in the first stage. These hairs will make their presence known when they’re good and ready.  It will take a few waxes for hair to grow in the same cycle. This is why it’s important to start your wax routine.  Another reason is your hairs are dry and brittle which can break during your wax. Reduce this from happening by exfoliating every other day and moisturizing daily to soften the hair between wax appointments.

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